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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Outfits

My favorite phrase when it comes to holidays and events is "I don't know what to wear" because I never do! I'm sure most of you feel the same. We have a closet FULL to capacity of clothes yet NOTHING TO WEAR! The struggle is real, let me tell you lol. Anyway, I figured I would help you out a bit when deciding what to wear for the holidays since Christmas is TOMORROW!

If you plan on stopping a bunch of different places and want to look nice, I'd suggest wearing a dress (red or green if you want to be festive looking) with some simple earrings and a statement necklace. If you live somewhere cold and snowy, put a pea coat on to keep warm yet still look fabulous!


If you want to wear a skirt instead of a dress, here are some stylish options for that. I'd suggest wearing tights to keep your legs warm.


If your family is more laid back and casual, I would say some colored skinny jeans and a nice sweater with boots would be perfect! Or leggings and a cardigan :) Add a fur vest or a scarf to give you some warmth and style!


If you don't plan on doing much but staying at home baking with the family or just relaxing, red plaid pajama pants and a long sleeve shirt is perfect for tomorrow.


I'd love to know which outfit combination you choose: Dress, Skirt, Casual, or Pajamas. Leave comments with what you plan on wearing tomorrow :)

Merry Christmas Glam Girls!


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