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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Best of 2014

As a request from one of my amazing followers, I will be posting the best products of 2014! I'm so thankful to have such amazing people following my journey with my blog and help with their suggestions! I will also be doing a personal favorites of 2014 so stay tuned :)

Most of these products are the most talked about, most popular, and the ones everyone tried/is trying to get their hands on. If you have any other suggestions, I'd love to know!

Cosmetics & Skincare:

NARS Audacious Lipsticks - $32
I need EVERY. SINGLE. ONE! The colors, the packaging, the formula - EVERYTHING about these lipsticks (other than the price) is AMAZING. You need them. All of them.

Beauty Blender
Because everyone swears by them

The Balm Mary-Loumanizer vs. Becca Opal
The most talked about highlighters!

Sonia Kashuk 15 Year Anniversary Brushes
These brushes were sold out at every Target. I had to literally call around just to find them. So many people were after these babies

Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick - Lolita
Every single person I know is after Lolita whether it's the old formula or the new one. This baby is always sold out. Get it while you can! I personally like the old formula better.

Amrezy Palette
Anastasia did it with this one! Sold out everywhere and everyone wants it! Bring it back for 2015!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade & Brow Wiz
Who doesn't use these? Or who hasn't tried them yet? I was just introduced to them this year. Although the technique is difficult to grasp at first, with practice, your brows will be "on fleek" in no time. *I just died a little saying that lol*

Too Faced Better Than Sex vs. Urban Decay Perversion
I personally lean more towards UD's mascara, but soooo many people are raving about Better Than Sex.

I've seen more people talk about this than I have anything else. They wanted to know how to use it, if it was worth it, etc. And everyone's response is always - you need it. I personally do not have it, YET, but I do plan to get it in the near future. Many people say that there isn't another cleanser that does what the Clarisonic does.

Estee Lauder Double Wear vs. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk
I need both of these in my life and I'm almost positive these two are the most posted on Makeup Social!

YSL #10 - Beige Tribute
Another one I need in my life. The absolute perfect pink/nude!

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner
A best seller at Sephora right now and the same brand I use. This stuff does. not. budge!

Colourpop Cosmetics
Everything is $5 and everything is amazing. From the pigmentation, the range of colors, and the price. Yeah, you need it. I'd also say this is probably the company that's had the most progress in 2014. Before a few months ago I had never heard of the company and now it's everywhere and everyone knows about it! Great job Colourpop! Kudos to you :)

Urban Decay Vice 3
The question of whether to get it or not to seemed to have been a theme with this palette. Many weren't sure, but ultimately everyone that did get it, ended up loving it!

Glamglow Masks
$70 for a 1 oz jar face mask?! You can't be serious....the reaction most people have....until they tried it. All four of them are great masks depending on your skin type.
Maybelline Matte Lipsticks
If you were one of the ones searching for that frosted purple cap at the drugstore, this is for you! Divine Wine, Touch of Spice, and Lust For Blush were and usually are ALWAYS sold out! These were a big hit! Kudos Maybelline. Stepping your game up, I see.

Fragrance & Smell Goods:

Giorgio Armani - Si
Hands. Frikin. Down.

Lush Bath Bombs
When ever I ask people on Makeup Social what to get from Lush, bath bombs are usually at the top of the list. You need them in your life.

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