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Friday, October 3, 2014

Simplified Skincare

I wish I would've known years ago what I know now about skincare. It is the foundation of having beautiful makeup and looking flawless without it. Simple steps such as removing your makeup, exfoliation, cleansing, and moisturizing are key. The most important of these is moisturizing! I'll later explain why.

Sometimes we get really lazy and don't want to take out makeup off at night. Maybe we're already in bed, comfortable, and don't want to move. I am so guilty of this! But, leaving your makeup on over night can cause unwanted break outs and even potentially make you age faster. No thanks! As a teenager I used to leave my makeup on at night all the time. Ugh, if only I could go back in time and tell my younger self the effects later - not that I feel like I've aged any (I sort of have a baby face, 21 looking like a 17 year old) but I do feel like this may have been the cause for my acne all these years. So even if you don't have time to cleanse your face at night, at least take a makeup removing wipe and wipe the makeup off. My favorite makeup removing wipes are by Neutrogena and I use the hydrating ones so my skin doesn't get dry.

Exfoliating helps to lift the dirt out of your pores and remove dead skin. I absolutely love exfoliating because it makes me feel refreshed and my face feels so much more clean! The one I've been using lately is Freeman's Charcoal Scrub.

Cleansing is the obvious one, it cleans your face and removes excess oils and dirt. I personally wash my face everyday because if I don't I breakout like a mad woman. I switch up my cleanser every few days because my face gets used to them quickly. I've been using Tea Tree Oil's Skin Clearing Facial and Biore Fighting Ice Cleanser.

Your skin fights for moisture daily and it keeps you looking young and healthy. Plus, during the cooler months, if you're prone to dry skin, it can help with all those flaky dry spots. It keeps your skin hydrated, more elastic, looking younger, and feeling softer. So don't skip this part of your skincare routine! For a moisturizer, I use Neutrogena's daily moisturizer for combination skin and Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream.

Another part to skincare that I'm extremely guilty of is picking at my face; popping pimples and blackheads like it's nobody's business! This is such an awful habit to have because it can create craters (which thankfully I haven't experienced) and it can also leave scarring or bruising. If you can, please refrain from picking at those whiteheads and blackheads. You'll thank yourself in the  long run. If you absolutely cannot stop, please make sure are popping them correctly so you don't damage your skin. To learn more, please see my other post that explains how to properly extract a pimple.

For those of you that do have acne scars, apple cider vinegar really helps! You can get this at GNC and I believe at Walmart. What I do is take my makeup off, exfoliate and cleanse, then pour apple cider vinegar onto a paper towel and dab it on to my skin. I lt that set in and once my face is dry, I'll moisturize.

Hope this helps you beauties looking to acheieve flawless skin!

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