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Friday, October 10, 2014

REVEALED: Freeman Mystery Bag

Hi darlings, I purchased the Freeman Beauty Mystery Bag last week and I just received it. It was $30 and the contents were supposed to add up to $100 worth of merchandise. When I received it, I was a little disappointed. I guess I expected more to be in the bag. Here is a picture of everything I received. I got 7 sample sizes, 2 full size clay facial masks, a dry shampoo, something for fine lines, foot lotion, massage lotion, shower cleanser, a primer, and a night booster.

Personally to me, this doesn't look like it's worth $100 so I went on Freeman's website and added everything up to see if it totaled $100.

Each face mask is about $2, muliplied by 7 is $14.
Each clay mask is about $4, multiplied by 2 is $8.
The primer is about $16.
The facial lines is about $15.
The massaging lotion is about $6.
The shower cleanser is about $7.
The dry shampoo is about $7.
The foot lotion is about $7.
And they don't have the night booster on their wesbite but the eclos brand runs up to about $24.99 so I'm thinking it's about $19.99. 

When I add this all up, it does in fact equal $100.
(I got 2 of these)
(This is the product they didn't have on their website)

I'm not saying this wasn't worth it, I'm just disappointed in the products I received but I can't complain because it is actually a good deal. Now, I'm not sure if they send everyone the same things, but I figured I'd share what I received so you darlings would have an idea. If interested, you can find this on the Freeman Wesbite.

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