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Friday, October 3, 2014

New, Updated Look

Okay, so it was time for an upgrade on my blog and since I personally didn't know how to add some of the cool features onto my page, the lovely Maryam (owner of was and angel and was willing to help me out. Welllll, what do you guys think?! Gorgeous right?! I'm obsessed with the new look and so thankful that Maryam was even willing to do this. The best part is she did it within 24 hours. Whatttt?! She is in my book. She found me icons for my social media sites, custom made my header, chose a background, and added a *NEW FEATURE* - a pop up for all of you to receive updates! I seriously can't thank her enough. My blog is glittered in gold now and I love it. I hope all of you do too. If you need any blog design, GO.TO.HER!
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