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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Good morning beautiful people. I was just informed that Macy is now carrying MAC's Brooke Shields collection, so for those of you that have missed out, go grab them while they last! I personally am not interested in this collection, but the only thing that caught my eye was the 15x palette but I couldn't see myself spending $85 on a palette.

On another note, yesterday's Rocky Horror launch was a disaster! Thankfully I was able to get something. I was able to get Sin and Oblivion, but the one I was really waiting for was FrankNFurter and of course that's the one they messed up on. Everything except FrankNFurter launched (2 hours late might I add), while FNF still said "Coming Soon". It wasn't until around 5:00 (with no heads up) that it was for sale and of course I had something to do around that time. I was livid! Now I'm seeing that people stocked up with like 10 of one shade all to re-sell them on eBay or Amazon for a ridiculous price. I've already checked eBay out and they start around $35 and range upwards to $150. That's insane! I'm so upset. Now, I know they are launching in-store on October 2nd, but it is only freestanding stores, not department store counters. So I'm out of luck there too because I only have a counter and the closest freestanding store to me is about two states away. In any case, I hope you beauties were able to get what you wanted. Next is MAC's matte collection. Let's see how big of a disaster that is....

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