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Friday, October 10, 2014

Did You Say Sale? WHERE?!

I think we all know I have a shopping addiction so when I see the words SALE, HALF OFF, FREE SHIPPING, or BOGO most likely I'll be buying something.

Right now, Aldo is having a sale, K-Mart is having a BOGO Half Off of shoes ONLY FOR TODAY, and  Charlotte Russe is have a BOGO Free on scarves also ONLY FOR TODAY. I'm not sure when the sale at Aldo ends, so hurry before it does!

I got a cross body bag, ring, and sunglasses from Aldo. I got 2 scarves from Charlotte Russe, and 2 pair of wedge boots from K-Mart all for $100! If there wasn't a sale, I would have spent about an extra $50!

 Take a look :)



Thanks for viewing darlings & happy shopping!

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