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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Awaiting Cyber Monday

So I know I'm like a month and a half too early with this post, but I'm extremely anxious for all the deals to come for the holidays! I'm not too big on Black Friday shopping, too many crazies out there haha! The only way that I would go out of my way for Black Friday is if there was a great deal on furniture or electronics (TV's, tablets, beats, cameras, etc.) but otherwise, if I'm just looking for clothes, shoes, and makeup (which is almost always) then you can catch me lounging until Cyber Monday.

I've been going purchase happy lately so I think I'm going to hold off until Cyber Monday to see what deals I can get for the things I want. I will be posting any deals and codes I hear of so you darlings are able to get them as well! My question for you is are there any places you are really looking forward to getting deals from? Other than the obvious Ulta and Sephora. If there are, let me know so I can be on the look out. I will be looking for deals from Ulta, Sephora, Forever 21, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, Aldo, and H&M.

If there are any deals that you know of, please let me know. Thanks beauties!

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