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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Delay Game: MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show

Okay beauties I'm not sure what is going on with MAC, if they're having technical  or product issues, but this this getting a bit ridiculous. People have literally been up for TWO days waiting for the release of the Rocky Horror Picture Show collection. I'd say this can qualify as a disaster.

First they delayed it until today "before 12 noon EST" then they said it would be exactly AT noon, and well, now it's 12:45 PM EST and it's no where to be found on their website. They posted on their Twitter about 3 minutes before it was supposed to launch that it would be delayed again, with no apology and a witty remark that not many found amusing (as you can tell by the replies). These customers are outraged, me being one of them. I'm not even sure I'll be buying anything now. I might just spend my money elsewhere. Anyone with me?

Thanks for viewing!


Monday, September 29, 2014

Inside Scoop: MAC and Ulta

Did any of you wait up all night patiently waiting for MAC to release their Rocky Horror Picture Show collection last night? *raises hand* I did! This is my first time buying from a MAC collection as I'm new to the higher end makeup game. Needless to say, this was a huge let down. I stayed up probably until about 2 A.M. EST and then set an alarm for every hour after so I'd at least get some sleep, meanwhile being sick on top of it!

I feel like the least MAC could do is set an exact time when they'll be launching the release because keeping people on their toes and having to refresh their feed every two seconds is annoying and honestly, we have lives! Hellllo! So I was, and I'm sure many others were, let down in a HUGE way. First there were rumors flying around that they wouldn't be releasing until later in the afternoon today, which never happened. Then I heard a rumor they would be releasing it October 2nd, the same day it will be released in select MAC stores. Now, MAC has confirmed it will be released tomorrow (September 30th) sometime before noon EST. Um, sometime before noon? That could literally be ANYTIME from midnight until noon. That's a 12 hour span, not very specific. Regardless of how many angry customers, MAC knows this collection will still sell out, so they're not too worried.

I'll still be purchasing from them, but now I'm debating just on how much. Originally I just wanted all of the lipsticks (Sin, Frank N Furter, Oblivion, and Strange Journey) but then I saw swatches and wasn't fond of Strange Journey because it's more of an orangey-red, so it dropped to 3. Now that I've had some time, thanks to MAC and the delay, I'm thinking about possibly only getting Sin and Frank N Furter. But anywho, I hope all of you lovelies are able to get your hands on the products you want tomorrow before they sell out!

On another note! Ulta is having a 40% off sale on select brands (NYX, Physicians Formula, Revlon, and Almay). This is both online and in store and there is also a coupon you can get from Retail Me Not for $3.50 off. The sale started yesterday and I believe it goes until Saturday, so hurry while supplies last babies.

I personally just purchased quite a few things from NYX and I can't wait for their arrival! I got the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, restocked on the HD Photogenic Concealer in Beige, 5 Butter Glosses in Éclair, Crème Brulee, Tiramisu, Devils Food Cake, and Raspberry Tarte, and lastly I got 3 Soft Matte Lip Creams in Prague, Tokyo, and Stockholm. My goal is to eventually collect all of the Butter Glosses and Soft Matte Lip Creams! Eeeek! This is just the beginning of my collection for them so I hope I love them like everyone else has been raving about. I really wanted to get Transylvania and Copenhagen but they were sold out :(

Happy shopping darlings!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Holiday Collection and Lorac Review

Happy Saturday beauties! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Unfortunately I'm sicky and stuck at home trying to get better. BUT, on a good note, I received some goodies this week that I'm dying to review :)

I ordered the Lorac Pro 2 Palette from HauteLook. Retail price is $42 and I got it half off with a coupon code! The coupon code was NEW20SUMMER but I'm not sure if it's still able to be used. Wit HauteLook, you have to be patient because shipping takes awhile. And by awhile, I mean 3-4 weeks! Yikes. But I was willing to wait because I got it half off. Anywho, I was extra excited when I got it in the mail and I literally just tried the shadows out yesterday and they are extremely pigmented! This palette did not disappoint and it's worth the hype. I don't have the first Lorac Pro palette yet, but I think I like the colors in that one more than the second one because they're more neutral, but the second one is still amazing and I think it's a good Fall palette because of the deeper colors like the plum, navy blue, army green, and the rust color. It also came with a primer and a huge tube of mascara which I also tried yesterday and really liked!

I also purchased the Tarte Pin Up Girl blush palette, the Stila One Step Correcting Primer, and Too Faced's Melted Kisses set. I seriously have nothing bad to say about any of them! The Tarte blush palette is absolutely gorgeous and the clutch packaging is the cutest! It also comes with two bobby pins; one has pearls and the other has rhinestones. How frikin cute?! The colors I believe are limited edition, but they come in Breathless, Embraced, Whimsy, Bashful, and Irreplaceable. Seriously, go. get. this. NOW before it's gone. The picture below does absolutely no justice for how great these colors are!

The Stila One Step Correcting Primer is so lightweight! I got this for $20 for Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty when retail price is $36. Stila Steal! I love it so much, I think this is going to become my daily primer.

Too Faced's Melted Kisses holiday set I bought because I've heard a million things about them. Now, I know there is an L.A. Girl Lip Glaze that is super similar to these and a lot cheaper. Too Faced's Melted lippies run $21 for one! This set of four was $25 but they are miniature. A regular sized Melted lipstick is 0.4 oz and these are 0.16 oz each, so there's a big difference, but it's great if you're a first time buyer and just want to try a few out. And it's also great for a gift. I'm happy with this purchase and when I swatched them, the colors are to die for! My favorites are the nude and berry :) See the picture below for the swatches. Left is without the flash, right is with flash.

Thanks for viewing babes! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Get 'Em While They Last!: Too Faced & Tarte Holiday Edition

As I'm sure most of you know, cosmetic lines come out with holiday collections. I, however, am new to the makeup game and was just made aware of this wonderful news this year, so I've got lots of catching up to do which means I need every single collection, okay maybe not everyyy collectioon - nope, I was right, EVERY collection! This Christmas is going to be such a love/hate relationship between me and my bank, I apologize to my bank account in advance.

In any case, here are some of the pieces from some holiday collections that are out already that I think should be grabbed before they're gone! The two makeup companies that have come out with their holiday collections already are Too Faced and Tarte, so I will be sharing my favorites from their line that I think should be snatched before it's too late!

Too Faced

You can find these at Too Faced's website or Sephora. I think they are also being sold at Macy's.

1. La Belle Carousel - Such a cute idea to put makeup into the shape of a carousel. I'm loving this! This set includes 3 eyeshadow palettes with a total of 12 shadows, 2 blush and bronzer paletts, and 1 Better Than Sex mascara for $49!

2. Melted Kissed - I just ordered this beauty and I can't wait for it to arrive! It comes with four deluxe Melted lippies at just $25.00! Such a steal. I haven't tried these yet but I've heard raving reviews. The colors the gift set comes with is Nude, Peony, Berry, Fuchsia.

3. Everything Nice Palette - That packaging though! Gorgeous, gorgeous colors and I've heard they're very pigmented. I'll definitely be attempting to grab this gem. 20 eyeshadows and 2 blushes, a highlighter, and a bronzer for $56? Yes please :)

4. Under the Mistletoe - 3 limited edition pink toned lipsticks and a pink sequin makeup bag for $28. I'm obsessed with gold (as if you couldnt tell from my blogs background) so this packaging is really catching my attention. The lipstick colors are Naked Dolly, Marshmallow Bunny, and Spice Spice Baby


You can find these at Tarte's website or exclusively at Ulta.

1. Away Oui Go - $48 for a gift set full of goodies! This set includes 16 full size eyeshadows, 4 full size 12-hour blushes in Irresistable, Envisioned, Limitless, and Intruigue, 3 lipglosses in Nice, Paris, and Cannes, 1 Lights, Camera, Action mascara, and a compact

2. Chic to Cheek - 4 limited edition blush colors for $35?! Seriously, go grab that NOW. Once pay day rolls around I know I will. The colors are Candy Pink, Soft Apricot Pink, Plum Nude, and Rosy Pink.

3. Bon Voyage - As if you thought Away Oui Go was enough, Bon Voyage has even more to offer. This set includes 20 full size eyeshadows, 1 Lights, Camera, Action mascara, a travel bag, 2 limited edition Lipsurgence in Romantic and Visionary, 1 cheek stain in Muse, 1 Maracuja oil, and finally 1 finishing powder! This set costs $59.

4. Pin-Up Girl Compact - I also ordered this gem that I've heard sells out quickly! So grab it while you can, darlings. 5 beautiful blushes in a gold compact and a mirror. The five colors are Breathless, Embraced, Whimsy, Bashful, Irreplaceable. Flawless! This is $42 and I got mine from Sephora :)

Hope you darlings enjoyed! I'd love to know which products you've picked up and what you think about them! Drop some comments :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Beauties and a Book

This post is just for fun and was inspired by @kelro on MakeupSocial (who gave me permission to use as inspiration for my blog post). I thought it was the cutest thing ever and so creative.

The original post says, "Let's play a game. We'll call it 'I probably have more makeup than I'll ever use in my lifetime but I still want more.' A Novel By Everyone On MakeupSocial". Then the post invited all MakeupSocial users to add their own chapter to the 'novel'. Here are all the chapters (most of them are lengthy names, but necessary). Note: A few of them are tweaked and there are some new ones I've added. I hope you all enjoy :) Book title and images are copyright by me.

Dedication: To all the future husbands of makeup lovers. Don't worry, we wont use all your money on makeup, we will use some money on brushes too.

Intro: I don't usually like reading, but since this book is about makeup and not some other boring topic, you should probably read it!

Chapter 1: The Obsession Begins

Chapter 2: Is That a Limited Edition (LE) Palette?!

Chapter 3: Free Shipping After $50, Has $20 in Cart, Spends $30 More to Get Free Shipping

Chapter 4: I Only Like 1 or 2 Colors From the Entire Palette, But I NEED it!

Chapter 5: Standing in the Makeup Aisle for Over 20 Minutes Decideng if I Want the Product or Not

Chapter 6: Not Being Able to go Shopping Without Buying Makeup Even if it's a $2 Lipstick

Chapter 7: Went to get Toothpaste, Came Back With 3 Lipsticks, 4 Lipliners, and Blush...Where's the Toothpaste?

Chapter 8: I'm in America so it's Totally Acceptable to Spend $300 on Makeup Because it's Cheaper Than Other Countries

Chapter 9: Do I Need it? No. But I Want it. So I'm Getting it!

Chapter 10: I am Going to use all of my Old Makeup Before I Buy More Makeup - Oh Look! The Holiday LE Palettes and Sales

Chapter 11: $10 at Sephora is Cheap and a Good Price, $10 at the Drugstore is Way Too Expensive 

Chapter 12: Do I Really Need This? Yes! The Answer is Always Yes!

Chapter 13: How Did I End Up With 15 Lip Products in my Purse?

Chapter 14: YouTube and MakeupSocial Made me buy all This New Makeup

Chapter 15: But...It's On Sale!

Chapter 16: Online Makeup Shopping: A Love/Hate Relationship. I Love it, My Bank Hates it

Chapter 17: I Only Like the First Naked Palette, But I'm Buying Them All Anyway

Chapter 18: I Have To Buy This LE Product NOW Because It Might Not Be Here When I Get Back

Chapter 19: I Cleaned Out My Collection And Now There's Space In My Vanity, Time to Stock Up On More Makeup

Chapter 20: There's No Law That Says I Have to Wait Until I Completely Finish A Product Before I Re-Purchase It

Chapter 21: My Logical Explanation for Everything: I May Never Use it, But At Least I Have The Option of Using It

Chapter 22: I Really Don't Need 30 Pair of Lashes, but They're on Sale so I Have to Buy Them

Chapter 23: The Beauty Vloggers Made Me Do It

Chapter 24: It's Fall. Is That Purple I see?

Chapter 25: Tries to Walk Past Makeup Stores....Epic Fail

Chapter 26: Tries to Achieve the No Makeup, Makeup Look - Uses 25 Different Products

Chapter 27: I Have This Eyeshadow in Matte, But I'm Pretty Sure I Need It In Glitter, Shimmer, and Frost too. And From Every Company

Chapter 28: Everyone Is Using This In Their YouTube Tutorials. I Need It NOW!

Chapter 29: Hmm..I Wonder If There's A Dupe For This?

Chapter 30: Finds Dupes and Buys Every Dupe Imaginable

Chapter 31: Ooo! I Don't Have a Shade Like This!

Chapter 32: There's Always Room For Another Shade

Chapter 33: Ulta is Having a Sale. If I buy 10 Lipsticks I Get One for 15% Off. Sounds Like a Good Deal To Me!

Chapter 34: I Don't Need This At All, But THERES A CODE

Chapter 35: Must Complete Concealer Collection by Owning at Least One From Every Brand Ever Made

Chapter 36: I'll Buy All These Different Brands, But I'll Always go Back to my Holy Grails

Chapter 37 I Can't Find my Favorite Lipgloss, Looks Like I'll Have to Buy Another (Meanwhile my Favorite, Pretty Much Brand New One is 'Lost' at the Bottom of my Purse)

Chapter 38: This Lipstick Looks Like the Other 7 I Own, but it's in Different Packaging

Chapter 39: I Need This Concealer, It's Goihng To Change My Life I Just Know It!

Chapter 40: How Many Nudes Can I Own?

Chapter 41: Brow Game. On Point Or Missing The Mark?

Chapter 42: I Need Every LE Product Ever Made

Chapter 43: Yes I Have 22 Eyebrow Products, But Eyebrows Are Life

Chapter 44: These Lipstick Colors Are So Pretty But Look Horrible With My skintone, I guess I'll Buy Them Anyway.

Chapter 45: I NEED This, Even Though I Already Have 4

Chapter 46: I Might Need This One Day, So I Better Get It Today

Chapter 47: I Only Have One Face But I Need Every Brand Of Foundation

Chapter 48: I Can't Buy Anymore Makeup Because I'm Running Out Of Storage Space...It's Okay, I'll Find Room

Chapter 49: It's Fall That Means I need A New Foundation...Walks Out $200 Later With A Whole New Makeup Routine

Chapter 50: But I Promise I'll Only Spend $60.

Chapter 51: They're SIMILAR. Not The Same, But Similar!

Chapter 52: A Whole Drawer Full Of Still Packaged Products

Chapter 53: There's No Such Thing As Too Much

Chapter 54: I Ran Out Of Product. I'm Not Sure How That Even Happened But I Better Buy 50 More So I Never Have To Deal With This Heartache Again

Chapter 55: I Hope I Beat My Significant Other Home So They Don't See That Package Stting On The Porch

Chapter 56: I Work Hard So I Deserve To Treat Myself To These Even Though They Look Damn Near Identical To Some That I Already Have

Chapter 57: I Know I have 30 Red Lipsticks, But I Don't Have THAT One

Chapter 58: Is That A New MAC Collection With Nearly The Exact Same Colors as Normal Just Different Packaging? Yes Please!

Chapter 59: This Super Expensive Bright Blue Lipstick Is A Totally Ridiculous, Unjustifiable Purchase But I Better Get It Just In Case I Dcide To Wear It One Day

Chapter 60: I Still Have Space In My Last Drawer For More Makeup, Goes To Stock Up On More To Fill It

Chapter 61: LE Lipsticks That Look Like The Ones You Already Have But You Need It Because It's LE And Cute Packaging

Chapter 62: I Have Hundreds Of Lipsticks But Not In This Shade/Color/Undertone/Packaging and If I Don't Get It Now, It Might Get Discontinued And Then I'll Be So Depressed

Chapter 63: Even Though What I Own Works Perfectly Fine, I Want To Try Somethig New

Chapter 64: Maybe I'll Use This Someday...Weeks Later, Still Unopened and Buys More Makeup

Chapter 65: If I Buy $75 Worth of This Brand I Get A Free Sample Of Something I Have Already in Full Size. Spends $75

Chapter 66: Jaclyn Hill Just Posted A Favorites Video And Now I Need Every Product She Raved About

Chapter 67: Walk Into MAC Everything A New Collection Comes Out (To The Point Where I Have Reminders On My Calendar) And Buys Practically The Entire Cllection (No Matter What It Is) Even Though I Clearly Don't Need EVERYTHING

Chapter 68: This Nude Lipstick is the Exact Same As My Other Nude Lipsticks but Has a Different Finish. I Need!

Chapter 69: I Will Not Go To The Makeup Aisle

Chapter 70: Okay, Yes I Will...

Chapter 71: I'll Take One In Every Color

Chapter 72: I Promise I Won't Buy Anymore Makeup Til Christmas

Chapter 73: Okay, So I Failed.... All These Holiday Palettes Are Too Cute!

Chapter 74: I Swear Babe It Was On Sale!

Chapter 75: I Don't Have A Makeup Addiction, But I Don't Not Have One Either

Chapter 76: Taking Items Out Of My Bags And Hiding Them In My Purse So My Boyfriend Doesn't see Me Walking In After A Trip To Sephora

Chapter 77: I Have to Pay My Rent. Oh. My. God. Anastassia Beverly Hills Has A New Palette! I Can Live In A Box Until Next Month

Chapter 78: _______ From MakeupSocial Said To Get This And I Wouldn't Regret It. On The Other Hand, My Significant Other Asked 'Have You Paid Any Bills?' Nope, I Don't Know Why There's So Much Money Missing. *Shrugs Shoulders* Wasn't Me.

Chapter 79: Please Don't Leave Me, But If You Do, Before you Go - Buy Me This Lippie

Chapter 80: You Knew You Didn't NEED It But You Just HAD To Have It? Congratulations, You're One Step Closer To Makeup Hoarders Anonymous

Chapter 81: Maybe It's Time To Admit I Have A Problem...And That Problem Is I Don't Have Enough Room For All My Makeup

Chapter 82: What New Lipstick? That's Not New Lipstick, I Swear It's A Flashlight!

Chapter 83: On My Way To Makeup Rehab - Oh Look! Sephora!

Chapter 84: My First Day Of Makeup Hoarders Anonymous: I Wonder If They're Going To Give Me Makeup Here

Chapter 85: I Better Be Looking Flawless In My Casket

Chapter 86: Final Chapter: Don't Care, Bought the Makeup Anyway And I Look Fab As F***!

Chapter 87: Just Kidding, There Is No Final Chapter, Makeup Is A Never Ending Series

Wishlist Wednesday

It's that time of the week darlings! Wishlist Wednesday, or some of you refer to it as "HUMP DAAAYY" *insert camel emoji*. Today is going to be a short one since my last one was a long list! I only have five today and they're all make-up products and they aren't in any particular order.

1. Kat Von D Vampira (not sure whether I want it in the studded lipstick or the liquid lipstick yet) Any suggestions?

2. Tarte Rainforest Palette

3. Too Faced Sugar and Spice Palette

4. Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick Stash

5. MAC Matte Lipstick Collection 

My goal is to eventually grab all of the limited edition products  before they're gone! Who knows if that will be possible with all of them coming out at once! And to think, all of the holiday collections still have yet to come out! Oh. My. Goodness.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Top 10 Tuesday: Palettes

I am a sucker for an eyeshadow palette. They are my absolute weakness. The minute I see a new one coming out, my mind automatically says "have to have". My top 10 palettes are listed below. They aren't in any type of order. I have most of the ones listed and the ones I don't have yet, I definitely plan to get in the near future!

1. Anastassia Beverly Hills Amrezy

2. Anastassia Beverly Hills Tamanna

3. Anastassia Beverly Hills Maya Mia

4. Urban Decay Naked 1,2, and 3

5. Stila (in the light, in the garden, in the moment) I'm not really fond of in the know

6. Urban Decay Vice 1,2,3 (I don't have any of these yet)

7. Too Faced Chocolate Bar

8. Urban Decay Shadow Box

9. Lorac Pro 1 & 2 (I only have 2, I still need to get 1)

10. Tarte Rainforest After Dark (I plan on getting this baby very shortly)

 Thanks for viewing baby loves! Feel free to share your favorite palettes with me and I'll be sure to check them out :)

iPhone 6 Review

As I've announced on the pre-order release date, I was one of the ones rushing online to get the new Apple phone (at 3 A.M. my time). I've had the iPhone 4s for about 2 years and I have just about had it with that phone. It's still in great condition, the phone could pass as brand new, I just needed something newer because the newer, the better, right?

It only took a week for the beauty to arrive and I got it bright and early in the morning; I was like a kid on Christmas morning! I immediately stopped what I was doing and opened the package to find a gorgeous gold phone. I am absolutely obsessed with the look of the phone and it is extremely light-weight! The only thing I wish would be changed is the size. I love that the screen is so big because it makes it easier to see, but the phone just does not fit right in my tiny hands, so I always find myself constantly using two hands to text or surf the web. It also doesn't fit very well in places such as my side pocket on my purse, my pants pockets, etc. The camera, both front and back, are immaculate and the best cameras on a phone I've seen yet.

I've heard many people complain about the iOS8 update, but personally, I don't have much to complain about. The only feauture I've seen that I'm not too fond of is how the autocorrect pops up in a gray bar when you're typing. I'm pretty sure I can disable that somehow though. It's probably something I just need some getting used to, like many features. For instance, I'm used to the lock button being at the top of the phone, but the 6 has the lock button on the side. An iOS8 update that I really like is the camera timer, because where has that been all this time?!

There is so much to say about this phone, I think Apple did a good job, but it is extremely similar to the Galaxy, which they should've been a little more cautious of. Otherwise, I'm excited to start my new "journey" with this phone and leave my 4s in the dust.

So here is a breakdown of what I just explained:

Pros                                                                     Cons
-Sleek look                                                            -Large for small hands
-Light-weight                                                        -Autocorrect annoyance
-Camera quality                                                     -Re-located buttons
-Camera timer                                                       -Similar to Galaxy

Monday, September 22, 2014

Is It Worth the Hype?: GlamGlow

For awhile now I've been hearing about this product called GlamGlow. It is a face mask that claims to suck the dirt right out of your pores. Yeah right, huh? At $69 for one small jar at 1.7 oz, is it really worth the money? Seriously, I wasn't about to spend almost 70 dollars on a face mask that may or may not work. Well, the sale gods answered my prayers because I was so anxious to try this mask, but refused to pay that much. So, I found the mask on eBay for almost half price! I believe there are 4 different GlamGlow masks; a blue container, a white one, a black one, and the newest being a green one. I bought the one in the black container that says Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. The same night I received it in the mail, I absolutely had to try it, and I did.

At first it felt like something was burning my face and I thought it was defective or I was having an allergic reaction. It really scared me actually, until someone on MakeupSocial confirmed for the first minute or so that's what the mask does. Then it started to slowly harden in the areas that weren't problematic. The way you know it's finished is when it dries from a gray-ish color to a light green. On problem areas, it tends to stay gray longer because it has to work a little harder in that area. Because it doesn't all dry at once and only certain spots dry faster, it looked like I had army paint all over my face. Once it was completely dry, I rinsed with warm water as directed and I instantly felt smoother skin. This is now my holy grail face product! The package says you can get about 17 masks out of it, or over 1,000 spot treatments if you just want to use it for problem areas instead of your entire face.

So, is this product worth the hype? Yes! This lives up to the hype. Would I suggest others to get it even for the price? Absolutely!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Beauty Give Away

Hi darlings I just wanted to let you all know that the beauty give away is still continuing. It ends tomorrow and no one has entered from the U.S.  Unfortunately this time around is for U.S. only. So please go follow me on Instagram and Twitter @blogobsessedxo and email me letting me know you've done so. My email is So get goin ladies ! :) 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

2 Week Face Challenge

Hello darlings! So I have to admit, my biggest and worst habit is picking at my face. The minute I see a blackhead or whitehead, I'm in front of the mirror trying to get rid of it - the wrong way. I recently stumbled across a video (I don't remember where or what it was called but when I find out I'll update!) and the video was about how to properly pop a pimple. Sounds so weird right? Like, there's a right way to pop a pimple? YES!

Normally I just wash my hands and dig my fingers into it to push out the pus. Ew, so gross! But in the video it explains to cleanse your face first to rid of the excess dirt and debris. Then exfoliate to prepare the zit. Then wrap both index fingers and gently push inward and up. You want to be sure to get all of the pus out or the "core". Then clean the spot with salyic acid or a spot treatment and leave it alone! They have a tool actually designed to extract pimples for minimal redness and scarring. The picture is provided below. I'm almost positive you can find this at any local drug store.

Recently I've really been into skincare, but I can't keep my hands away from popping these annoying pimples that randomly pop up! Thankfully I don't have any craters or anything awful like that, just a lot of redness and inflammation. So, I am challenging myself to stop digging into my face. It's so annoying to see all these beautiful girls with flawless skin that I could have, but my choice to pick at my face prevents me from having that gorgeous skin. So, I am setting a goal of two weeks and if I make it through that, I would eventually like to make it a good habit of not touching my face forever. I will be upating pictures of my progress at the end of the two weeks. I am going to try to take a picture of my face everyday, starting today. So I will update all of you beauties on October 2nd and share my experience!

Below are the products I will be using. There are so many because I have to alternate every few days because my skin gets used to products quickly.

Freeman Charcoal scrub

Indian Healing Clay

Dermalogica Facial Toner

Freemans peel off masks (I have a variety of them)

Eucerin Redness Relief 
Neutrogena Moisturizer for Combination Skin

Thanks beauties and I'll update with my progress in a few weeks!