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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wearing Prints

I can't stress this enough, but a little bit goes A LONG way! Have you ever seen the girl that is wearing EVERYTHING leopard print? Leopard shirt, leopard shoes, leopard earrings, leopard necklace...even writing this is getting a bit tiring! Seeing the same print too much can get old VERY fast, so here's my tips and opinions as to how prints should be acceptably worn.

Wear one or two things to accent your outfit. If you wear a chevron print blouse, wear plain jeans or shorts to compliment it. If you wear printed bottoms, wear a plain top. Doing this makes the print stand out so much more, instead of washing you out completely in the print.

If you are wearing an all leopard print dress, wear solid heels or flats. Also wear solid jewelry. Wearing leopard print jewelry with the same print dress is just tacky (in my opinion). Another way to accessorize is to wear solid colors and have a pop of print. Carry a printed clutch to set it off. Scarfs can also be great pops of print.
Wear a jacket or blazer over a printed top to take away some of the attention from the print if it's too much. This is a much more subtle approach if you don't want to stand out too much.

Be sure to try everything on first! A print could be extremely cute and appealing to your eyes on the hanger, but it may not look so flattering to your figure. Make sure you choose a pattern that will hit every curve of your body, or hide those curves you want gone!

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