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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Girls Day: Weekend Fun

Happy Sunday beautiful people! I feel like it's literally been FOREVER since I've posted. I'm so used to posting almost every day. Tonight I'm going to share with you my eventful weekend. Friday night I cleaned my house (not so exciting) and I baked chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with my best friend. I'm sick at the moment so I took Nyquil before I went to sleep Friday night hoping I would wake up in time for my nail appointment Saturday morning. Thankfully I woke up in time lol.

This time I decided to go with a more simple look. I have the perfect color baby blue one all of my fingers, except my pointer finger. On my pointer finger I have a white base color with black crosses. On my ring finger I have rhinestones in the shape of a cross with the center of the cross as a pearl. I kept the pointy, almond/stiletto shaped nails because as my previous post states, I fell in love with them. And of course my nail guy measured up to my standards. I literally just have to show him a picture for 2 seconds of what I want and he does it! I mean, this design is very simple, so it's not THAT impressive, but he's still the bomb dot com! Here is a picture of my lovely nails:

After my nails were done, I went home and set up for a girls day. I had a cupcake bar for people to make their own cupcakes with chocolate or pink vanilla icing. I also had sprinkles, pink sugar, chocolate chips, and funfetti for the toppings. There was a fridge full of jello shots, I ordered pizza from one of the best pizza places in town, and my hookah was set up outside for people to hang around.

To make it less awkward for the people that didn't know each other, I had an ice breaker game planned. The game involved skittles. Each color skittle represents a different question. We sat outside and passed the skittle bag around and if you picked a red skittle, you had to say something fun you did this summer. If you picked a purple skittle, you had to say your top 3 favorite stores to shop at. If you picked an orange skittle, you had to say your top 3 favorite foods. If you picked a green skittle you had to say your favorite movie or TV series. Lastly, if you picked a yellow skittle you had to say what you do in your spare time. Personally, I didn't know how well the ice breaker was going to work, but it went really well. It got people talking off subject and before you knew it everyone was in a conversation. I had such a good night!

I hope you all enjoyed hearing about my girls weekend! Feel free to steal these ideas for your own girls day/weekend and let me know how it turns out :) I'll be posting in a few days about my new product pick-ups once I receive my package from Ulta so stay tuned beauties :)

Side note: I made a twitter and an instagram so go find and follow me gorgeous! @blogobsessedxo.

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