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Monday, August 11, 2014

Favorite Netflix Series

Hi my lovely followers! I have been hooked to Netflix and a bunch of their TV series so I decided to share some of my favorites with you!

Gossip GirlRight now I'm watching Gossip Girl. I believe I'm still on season 3 so I've got awhile to go. So far my favorite female character is Serena because she's beautiful and seems to have it all, but there is so much more to her story. She is the former mean girl who tries to understand everyone's situation. It gets me so upset that she tries to do good things and somehow she always gets blamed for what goes wrong, even when it's not her fault! As far as my least favorite character, in the beginning it was Chuck because he was such a perv and rude, but later on he actually starts to get a heart. Right now I'd say my least favorite is Georgina because she's so manipulative. And I can't help saying the ending to every episode, Xoxo, Gossip Girl! Extremely catchy.

I literally watched the new 90210 in like 2 weeks. Can we say loser? Haha. Once I start something I just can't stop, I have to keep going until I find out what happens. These shows are just so addicting! Annie used to be my favorite character, but I grew to like Naomi. Even though Naomi is a spoiled brat, she has such a soft side that is great to see when she chooses to show it - if only she showed that side more often. The storyline is just so intriguing, like a good book you can't book down.

Scandal was another show I could not stop watching. Oh, who am I kidding? I couldn't stop watching all of them! But this one was so mysterious and had such a great storyline I couldn't even deal! I legit called this the Olivia Pope show every time I would refer to it. I always forgot the name of the show and Olivia is such a boss it should've just been called "Olivia Pope". She is absolutely determined to help her clients and she makes sure she will be able to help them before she even takes the client as her own. But she has some of her own secrets that no one knows about until later in the season. It's a great show that always leaves you wanting more. I seriously did NOT want this show to end. 

Prison Break
Prison Break never ceased to amaze me. Oh. My. Goodness! There were SO many twists and turns and WTF?! moments. Great for watching with your boyfriend, as I did. We both enjoyed it so much we're starting the series all over again! The purpose of the series is for Michael to break his innocent brother, Lincoln out of prison, but so many things happen along the way that get thrown in their path and "The Company" is trying so hard to stop Lincoln from getting out because they have something they want to keep covered up. Michael (also known as Scofield) is so brilliant it's unreal! He's a former architect who built the prison his brother is in, so he know's the ins and outs of the prison. He made a plan to rob a bank to get put in the same jail, Fox River.

Drop Dead Diva
Drop Dead Diva was referred to me by a friend and it was a GREAT referral. It's a little girly, so I doubt guys would want to cuddle up and watch it with you. It is definitely an emotional rollercoaster. The jist of the series is a beautiful blonde, Deb, dies at the same time a lawyer, Jane, who is not so worried about appearance. When in Heaven, Deb hits a button to go back to Earth, but hits the wrong button and is put in Janes body. She now is living a life where she has to see her boyfriend, Grayson, from her previous life every day, and keep her mouth closed about who she really is. It gives you such anxiety because you want her to tell Grayson who she is so bad so that they can be together, but it's not that simple

Melissa and Joey, Baby Daddy, Pretty Little Liars
I absolutely love ABC Family shows. Three of my favorites are Melissa and Joey, Baby Daddy, and Pretty Little Liars. Melissa and Joey and Baby Daddy are hilarious family shows that reminds me of the old T.V. shows they used to have on on T.G.I.F. Melissa and Joey is about a city council woman, Melissa Joan Hart, who takes in her sisters teenage kids when their mother goes to jail. She hires a "manny", Joey, who is both attractive to Melissa and attracted to her, but it takes forever for them to finally realize they're meant to be. Baby Daddy is about a guy who didn't know he was a dad until the mother dropped the baby off outside of his door with a note. Living with two roommates, his brother and a friend, they have to figure out the world of being a dad. Pretty Little Liars, a well known show is about 4 girls who are trying to find out who killed the 5th friend, Ali. Along the way, someone is harrassing and stalking them, giving the show an eery feel. This is definitely a show you have to really pay attention to in order to understand what's going on because so much happens in just one episode.

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