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Friday, August 29, 2014

Where Did You Get That?!: Summer OOTD

Hi beauties! With summer sadly coming to an end in the next few days, I wanted to share some of my favorite outfits, most are work acceptable, and others just for summer fun!  

Below is my absolute FAVORITE maxi skirt from Kohl's from the Lauren Conrad collection. As you can see, one look is completely work acceptable (left) and the other is more for outside of work. The white top is from Charlotte Russe as well as the black cardigan. The black crop top is from Kohl's. If it were acceptable to wear the same thing everyday - it would definitely be this skirt. I'm obsessed!

This isn't an outfit, but I loved my jewelry this day! The neckalce has my initial "S" on it and two gems hanging off of it. I got this at Charming Charlie and the earrings I got from Wet Seal.

This sheer navy blue top looks great with white bottoms, it gives it such a contrast! Of course, a white cami underneath. The top is light and flowy which is great for summer. For an outside of work look - pair it with some white shorts. The white jeans are from American Eagle and the top is from Charlotte Russe.

A black blazer is a classic! You can pair this baby with anything and the maroon jeans are perfection! They are my favorite colored jeans. This entire look is from Charlotte Russe.

A peachy coral skirt is the perfect color for summer. I paired the same top and cardigan with this skirt as I have on in my first look. The skirt is from Wet Seal.

Here is another one of my favorite maxi skirts. I love the stripes on it! This is an easy look because all you have to do is throw on a black tanktop and tuck it in and BOOM! Done :) I wish I remembered where I got this skirt because I would go out and buy like four more! Ugh, the struggle.

This is more of an outside of work look because of the crop top, but paired with a different shirt and it could easily be work acceptable. I got the crop top and skirt at Charlotte Russe. Are you seeing a pattern yet? Charlotte Russe is BOMB DOT COM!

This hot red dress is also from Charlotte Russe - SHOCKER! With a cardigan thrown over it, it is completely work acceptable, but you can leave it off if you're going to a picnic or somewhere else and this halter top maxi dress will look fab!

These leopard shorts are fabulous and comfortable! I bought these at Body Central and they are so light and flowy - perfect for hot summer days. I paired this with a twist top strapless white shirt. Easily one of my favoirte summer looks. This is obviously not work acceptable. I used gold jewelry with this look because brown and gold together are gorg! I know you can't really see my shoes, but they have gold chains around the ankles, how freakin cute?! I got those beauties from Papaya.
Last is a look I wore for a baby shower. This is a romper from Charlotte Russe. Are you surprised?! Lol. I did a red lip with this to go with the bottoms. The high wedges I got from Tillys and they are the most comfortable things in the world! Who knew wedges could be comfortable?

I hope you beauties enjoyed seeing some of my favorite looks for the summer! What were some of your favorite looks this summer that you wore?!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beauty Discounts

Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars at cosmetic stores? The prices of the high end make-up can get outrageous! $60 for a make-up brush?! I can't see myself justifying spending that much on a make-up brush. Many people may not know this, because I didn't up until recently, but for those of you that are licensed make-up artists (MUA's), there is a long list of cosmetic lines, both high end and drugstore, that will give you discounts if you provide proof that you are licensed. Some cosmetic lines will even accept proof of enrollment if you are a cosmetology student. Of course the licensed MUA's receive a better discount than the students, but something is better than nothing! And I'm always up for a discount.

Typically they'll ask for a photo ID and two items from the list below, but some cosmetic lines can be more detailed and require more information. Some requirements to be approved for these discounts are listed below.

Discount card from other company
A copy of your driver ’s license or state/federal photo ID
Business card
Reference from a makeup gig
Comp Card
Professional Website
Union Card
Tear Sheets
Call Sheet
Agency Information
One time fee or annual fee
Students: Proof of enrollment


Anastasia 20-40% off

Becca Cosmetics 30% off

Bobbi Brown 40% off

Coastal Scents 15% off

Inglot Cosmetics 20% off

Laura Mercier 40% off

Lorac Cosmetics 20-40% off

MAC 20-40% off

Make Up For Ever 20-40% off

Nars 20-40% off

NYX Cosmetics 30% off

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics 20% off

Smashbox Cosmetics 20-40% off

Stila Cosmetics 20-40% off

Urban Decay 40% off

These are just a few of the companies that participate in Pro discounts, but there are so, so, so many more out there! You can Google pretty much any brand and more likely than not they'll have a disount program for professionals. I hope this helps you on your journey of a MUA!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ULTAmate Goodies: Mini Haul

I love coming home to packages and I came home to my Ulta package yesterday!

I bought the Miss Manga mascara because I've been hearing so many good things about it.

I also bought the L'Oreal Total Repair Damage Erasing Balm because I've heard wonderful things about that product as well. I tried that last night and left it in for the directed 5 minutes, once I rinsed it out I already noticed a difference in my hair. My hair is so soft now and it smells good too. I definitely recommend it for anyone with dry or damaged hair.

The orange bottle is a keratin spray from Sally Hershberger that was referred to me that I have yet to try. It claims to help with dry hair, though.

Lastly are the three face masks by Freeman. I love their face masks. The first one I ever tried was the charcoal & black sugar and it worked great for my skin, but I wanted to try a peeling mask, so I bought the cucumber and the pomegranate peel-offs.
If you have sensitive skin, I wouldn't suggest the charcoal mask because it is a bit rough on the skin. I tried the cucumber mask last night and it smells just like cucumber and has a very thick consistency. After putting it on my face and letting it sit for about 8 minutes (the directed time is 5-10 minutes), I peeled it off and my skin felt so soft and smooth! I would definitely buy this product again especially for $3.99! I was buying individual face masks at $1.99 each for a one time use, for $2.00 more I would rather pick this gem up for multiple uses!

Thank you beauties for viewing. I've got more coming your way, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Give Away: One Week Left!

There's one week left for the $25 gift card give away for all of you wonderful followers helping me get to 1,000 views in less than a month! So enter your names in the comment box and I'll do a drawing on Sunday and announce the winner! Happy give away!

Pop of Color: Colour Pop Review

Yesterday I received my order from Colour Pop and I am in loovvee! The colors are so bright and pigmented, it's unreal! I must say the packaging was a bit much, but it's good to know they want to protect their product so that it comes in tact for you. It was a huge box with a smaller box inside that was wrapped in paper. Then each eyeshadow was individually bubble wrapped. It's good that they're thinking about the product but I was so excited to open the shadows and it took me forever to get to them! I suppose that's a good problem to have, though.

The shipping time was incredible too! I order these babies on Thursday and by Monday I had them in my posession! That means it only took TWO business days because of the weekend. Best timing ever because I get so anxious when I order something, so it was really great to have a fast delivery.

It came with a little hand written postcard with my name on it! How cute is that?! Definitely made it a personal experience that not many other companies do. Their reference to "our bestest betch" is because one of their products is named Bestest Betch, which is a quad. On the back of the post card there are some tips and tricks to using their products to get the most out of them. You can see this below.

The colors I purchased are mainly neutrals because  I'm boring like that, haha! But I did try to venture out and went with a deep purple for fall and also a coral color just because it was really pretty.

Named from Left to right, starting with the top row is Lace, a royal, deep purple.
Fringe, a light beige-ish gold.
Cheeky, a beautiful coral color that reminds me of spring and summer.
3, a dark brown color, a great color for fall.
Tassel, the perfect shimmery white.
And last, Get Lucky, which is a gold, metal tone.

All of their eyeshadows are only $5.00 and they have free shipping on orders $30.00 or more. I don't know about you, but free shipping always hooks me. I cannot wait to buy more of these beautiful shadows. I really enjoyed my experience with this company and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for shimmery shadows! I'm hoping they start to come out with a matte line soon.

I will be posting swatches later so you can get a better idea of what these lovely shadows look like when on skin. In the meantime, go check out their website at! You can also find them on Instagram @colourpopcosmetics

Thanks for viewing!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hot or Not: 2014 VMAS

So as most of America knows, last night was the MTV VMA's or the (Music Television Video Music Awards for those of you out of the country). I wanted to share with you the top 3 looks that I thought were the best and those that were well...not so great.


Queen Bey herself never disappoints and she was rockin' the all black look along with the fabulous maroon! Perfect fall colors since the season is approaching. The cut out and lace was icing on the cake! *round of applause for the baddest chick in the game*

Jennifer Lopez, DEAR GOD! I want to know what you sold to the devil to look THAT good at your age. This dress was giving me lifeeee! I absolutely adore sparkle, glitter, and diamonds and this dress was ON POINT! *Claps hands in syllables* Yess girl!

Demi Lovato was on FIRE in this red dress. Absolutely stunning! She always pulls off the classy look with a little bit of edge.


Taylor Swift, sweetie, what were you thinking? This just looks like a romper gone wrong. It kind of reminds me of a swimsuit from back in the day, only with long sleeves. Better luck next time T.Swizzy.

Amber Rose, did you not get the memo that this was a red carpet event and not an on stage, pole event? You should've saved that outfit for the strip club, or better yet, the bedroom for your man, Wiz! It's 2014 - classy honey, not trashy!

Katy Perry, I'm all for you being a risk taker but this Britney Spears look-alike all denim dress needed to stay back in the 90's. Not a good look.

Hope you all enjoyed viewing my favorite looks and the looks I wasn't too fond of. Let me know what you thought of these looks, or if you have other favorites you want to share, feel free!

No-Heat Hair Review

Hi my beautiful followers! I haven't abandoned you, I just took a little break this weekend to realx. I got my nails done on Saturday morning (picture of them below) and ran some errands - nothing too exciting. These are seriously my favorite nails so far. I absolutely LOVE the design. I'm still in the process of working on my post for Seshn, but it's coming together. Once I finish it, I will post the link for all you lovelies to check out!

 Today I want to do a quick review for you on my experience with a month with no heat on my hair! Now, I must say I had a few cheat days (about 4) for interviews, meetings and other social events - but otherwise I had my hair in a bun, a braid, or natural with a headband to keep my hair out of my face. It was extremely hard to get used to wearing my natural hair without straightening or curling it. I felt very unkempt! But, the big question is, was it worth it? Absolutely! I didn't notice too much of a difference in frizziness, but I did notice some length, about 2 inches, and less damage and split ends. I think I might continue to do this once every six months just to rejuvinate and get my hair healthy.

My daily routine consisted of shampooing with Mane and Tail, conditioning with Organix Biotin & Collagen, taking the hair skin and nail gummies, and putting the Dove Style + Care serum after I got out of the shower (with my hair still damp). Twice a week I would use the Suave Moroccan Infusion deep condition, and once a week I would use the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment. The products I used are shown below. They are all under $10 and can be bought at the drugstore or Ulta.

 By the way babes, I'm still waiting for my online purchases from Thursday so hopefully I'll have those either today or tomorrow to do a haul to show all of you the goodies I got :)

Thanks for viewing!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

How To Get Monthly Make-Up Samples

To all my beauty lovers out there, have you ever wanted to try a new product but didn't want to spend the money just to find out you don't like it? Well I just stumbled upon possibly the greatest beauty invention, EVER. I'm literally obsessed with the new MakeupSocial app and as I was scrolling through the feed I saw something that I had to question.

Someone said they had signed up for Ipsy and Birchbox which I had never heard of (I promise I haven't be living under a rock!) so I asked them what it was. Apparently these two companies have a program where you can subscribe to their website for just $10 a month and get the latest high-end products from brands like Benefit, Urban Decay, and many others. I legit cannot contain my excitement about this! I will definitely be signing up and letting you beauties know what I think! So stay tuned and go check it out for yourself! If you've already tried either of these companys, or both - let me know what you think of them!

The top picture is from Ipsy's website and the second is from Birchbox (which should be obvi from the box)

New Products

Happy Friday Eve babydolls! So glad the week is almost over! I just bought some new goodies that I'm super excited to receive and share with all of you! I purchased from Happiness Boutique (Free Shipping), Colour Pop (Free Shipping over $30), and Ulta (Free Shipping over $25) and this weekend I'll be going to Walmart and Target for more drugstore beauty products. Hopefully by next week I'll have received everything so I can do a haul :)

On September 1st myself and my newfound BFF, Michelle, will be sending out our swap boxes for each other! The boxes will contain a mixture between high end and drugstore products. We should receive them by the second week in September to do a swap box opening! I'll keep you darlings updated on that.

I'll also be posting my guest post either tonight or tomorrow and my post for the web magazine will go up Saturday. Goodness, I'm a busy woman lately! But I'm loving every minute of it :)

Thank you all for supporting me and viewing my blog!

Highlighting and Contouring: Make-up 101

Make-up works wonders! If worn properly, it can hide all the right angles and bring out those that you want to accentuate. Highlighting and contouring has become extremely popular in the world of make-up artistry. Let's first explain what highlighting and contouring is. Highlighting is making certain areas of your face lighter to bring those features forward and bring attention to them, whereas contouring is making areas darker to set back and retract attention from those areas.

I have to admit, I feel like I'm putting on war paint or Indian paint when doing this because before the makeup is blended, it looks like a bunch of harsh thick lines all over your face. It looks super funny at first, but once it's blended it looks FAB! Truthfully, many people say that contouring gives the illusion of plastic surgery, altering parts of the face to look smaller or bigger. Who would want to go through plastic surgey when you can just contour?! Here's an example showing why I feel like I'm putting on war paint:

She looks gorgeous after the makeup is blended in! But the before picture can be a little intimidating if you've never contoured before. Don't be alarmed!

Above I mentioned contouring and highlighting can make you look like you've had plastic surgery, below is a picture that you can  tell there is a difference in the facial features. The end result gives her a slimmer face because of the contoured cheeks and her nose looks a lot smaller. Incredible, right?!
So how do you achieve this look with highlighting and contouring? Well, for starters - get the right products. There are a million different products out there that you can use, but the ones I use are NYX matte bronzer powder for the contour and I use my NYX HD Photogenic concealer in beige (about two shades lighter than my skintone) for my highlighter. I set my highlight with NYX illuminator powder in Ritualistic. These are all drugstore products for all you bargain beauties!

But I'm starting to dabble in the high end makeup, so I will update once I use those products. I heard MAC Pro Longwear concealer is great for highlighting so I might try that next! In any case, there are tons of products to choose from, you just have to find the ones that work for you. There are both liquid and powder highlighters, illuminators, and some people just use concealer. For contour they have cream and powder products. I'm always overwhelmed when going to get makeup because there are SO many options! But just do some research to see which one you would like best! Or if worst comes to worst, do some trial and error. Makeup is all about practice and trying new things, so don't be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone or your normal, everyday make-up look.

There are tons of tutorials on YouTube for contouring, but as far as where to put the highlight and where to put the contour, below is a guide for you. Highlight under your eyes, the center of your forehead, down the middle of your nose, cupids bow, middle of your chin, and under your cheek.

To contour, I do my cheeks, the sides of my chin, each side of my nose, the sides of my forehead, and I know this picture doesn't show it, but I also do the top of my forehead near my hair line.
I hope I made this easy enough for you to follow. If you have any questions please email me at

*Note: I do not own any of these photos*

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How I Lost 30 Pounds in Less Than 6 Months

I used to hate when I would ask people how they got so small or how they lost weight and they'd say, "I honestly don't know, I wasn't even trying" - BUT, in my case, this is exactly what happened. I was a freshman in college weighing 130 pounds, it was the most I've ever weighed since EVER! Please realize 130 pounds is NOT fat in ANY WAY so please don't think that's what I'm implying, but I was always very small, petite, and involved in sports so this for me was unacceptable.

I'm not one to workout just to workout, I have to be doing something that I don't realize I'm working out, or else you can forget it! I eat everything I want (this includes fast food, candy, and chips) and my job doesn't require much movement. So how in fact did I do it? Now let me start off by saying that I am not in anyway a nutritionist nor a health expert, this is just what I did myself to lose weight.

When I say "I wasn't trying to lose weight", I mean I wasn't planning out meals, I wasn't going to the gym, I wasn't on any sort of diet, I didn't starve myself; I just made healthier choices as far as eating at certain times, not eating when I wasn't actually hungry and stopped drinking sugar filled drinks. I went to college the end of August and by mid-November I had lost a significant amount of weight. So here is what I did:

One. I stopped eating so late at night. This was a hard one for me! But I got myself on a schedule so I wouldn't eat late. The latest I would eat is between 6:30 P.M. and 7:00 P.M. but NO LATER! If you absolutely cannot go without eating something one night, eat something small; grab a piece of fruit or some yogurt. Eating later helps you feel full and satisfied when going to sleep, especially those of you that don't get to sleep until after midnight like myself. This causes fat to build up because the food, especially carbs and sugars, just sit there and get stored as fat. Unless you wake up at 5 A.M. every morning to work out, eating late is a no-no! But you'll never catch me waking up that early to work out. First, I'm NOT a morning person and second, working out just isn't my thing. So, refrain yourself from eating past a certain time and this will help you to get on a regular eating schedule.

Two. I stopped eating when I was bored. When I was bored and my stomach was telling me to eat, I'd ignore it and do something to take my mind off of eating something out of boredom. Too often we eat because there's nothing else to do. It's like smoking a cigarette, people do it out of habit more often than not because of the hand to mouth motion - same goes for eating.

Three. I ate smaller portions and more frequently. So you're telling me you ate more often? Yes! Instead of eating my regular size bowl of cereal, I'd eat half of what I'd normally eat. Instead of having 100 chips (exaggeration) I'd have literally just a handful. I usually tell people to eat half the size of what they would normally eat when it comes to portions. Instead of having three huge meals that fill up the entire plate, I would eat small things throughout the day. I would eat something for breakfast, then maybe two hours later eat a handful of dried fruit or gold fish. I would then eat lunch and have another snack and then I would eat dinner around 5:30 P.M. and have a snack about an hour later. Of course there were nights I would feel hungry going to sleep, but eating breakfast in the morning helped so much! I used to ignore the commercials and lectures about how important breakfast is, but honestly when I eat breakfast, I feel like my day goes by so much smoother and I'm more energized.

Four. I drank water religiously. Water is your absolute best friend in this case. Drinking water throughout the day makes you feel full so that you're not constantly munching on things, but be prepared to run to the restroom about a million times a day.

Five. A little excercise doesn't hurt, even if it's for 20 minutes! I was a cheerleader in college, so I guess you could say I had some form of excercise, but like I stated, I didn't realize I was working out. It's not like I was going to the gym to make intentionally to run or lift weights. I was on a team so it was something I enjoyed doing. Personally, I didn't think this had too much of an effect on my weight loss because I really noticed myself losing weight after football season was over, but I just figured I'd mention it just in case.

So let's recap: stop eating late at night, stop letting boredom control your eating habits, eat smaller portions, drink lots of water, exercise if you want.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me at

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Give Away

Seriously, my followers are legit THE BEST. You all helped me reach the goal I set, 13 days early! When I set the goal of 1,000 followers, I thought I was aiming too high but you all proved me wrong! Thank you all so so so so much! Now to show my appreciation, I will be gifting one of you lovely followers a $25 Visa Gift Card. So go ahead and comment your names and subscribe to my YouTube channel to enter to win! There are 13 days until I announce the winner. Thank you all again and stay tuned because I promise there is SO much more to come.

Upcoming Events

Hi my darlings! So I want to keep you all updated with what I'll be doing in the near future so you all can follow me and my adventures. But first, it's only Tuesday?! My goodness! Where is Favorites Friday when you need it? Haha. Any way, I have many exciting things headed your way and I hope you all enjoy what's in store!

First, as my other post states, I will be doing a makeup tutorial this week, most likely Friday or Saturday - I'll be sure to let you know when I'm positive about which day.

Second, I know I mentioned to you all that I have been asked to write an article for a web magazine, Beauty Seshn and I asked for some suggestions for the article. I've decided I'm going to go with the Fall Fashion & Trends which I will be writing this weekend, so be on the look out for that! I will be posting my personal Seshn website for you all to view once I complete the article! I am beyond excited about this opportunity and I hope you all really like what I come up with.

Third, I have another opportunity to collaborate with a beauty enthusiast like myself. She is just beginning a blog and I will be doing a guest post on her page to help get her name out there. She will also be doing a guest post on my page to show you all what she's about, so be sure to keep your eyes open for her post! Once I get the go-ahead, I will post her link on here so you dolls can all check out her blog and show her some love!

Lastly, I will be purchasing some new goodies on Friday from some of the boutiques and cosmetic lines that I posted about this past weekend and I cannot wait to share them with all of you! So next week I should have them in my posession to do either a haul or a review. Which do you prefer? Do you like that I do a haul first and give it time to test out the products and do a review, or would you prefer a review right off the bat? You let me know!

Thanks for viewing lovely people.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Opportunities Arise!

Okay my lovely viewers, I'm excited to be sharing some big news with you that is taking me one step closer in the direction I want to head towards! I just received the confirmation today and I am honored to announce that I have been asked to be a part of Seshn Beauty. Seshn Beauty is a web magazine for fabulous writers, entrepreneurs, make-up artists, fashionistas, etc.! This is such a blessing and I am beyond ecstatic they reached out to me and want me, of all people, to write for them. Now, I promise I'm not going to forget about this blog and all of you! I'll still continue posting almost daily, as I do now.

So, here's my question for all of you - will you be so kind as to help me choose the topic for my first post with them? I was thinking Fall Fashion & Make-Up, but I would absolutely love all of your input. So please comment or email me with your suggestions, I would appreciate it.

Don't be shy to comment or email! I don't bite, I promise. Haha.

Coming Soon! Make-up Tutorial

I'm excited to tell you all that I finally got my first request for a YouTube video! I'm going to be doing a make-up tutorial this week for the make-up I have on in my previous video for my Product Review. Please stay tuned and be on the look out for when the video is posted and in the meantime, go check out my other videos on YouTube! I'm excited to share it with you :) I also received a request to do a tutorial on how to french braid, so that's in the works as well!

Get to Know Me! 50 Q&A

1. Name? Shelby Lynne
2. Height: 5'2"
3. Where are you located: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
4. How old are you: 21
5. What year did you graduate: Class of 2011 baby!
6. Where did you go to college: I changed my mind and my major quite a few times! Right out of high school I went to Lycoming College, a junior ivy league college in Williamsport, PA and my major was Psychology. That was too far for me so I came home and went to my community college to get my general education finished to eventually go to nursing school. I was accepted into Moravian College for their nursing program, but I worked at a hospital as a nurses aide and realized that wasn't for me. I am now enrolled in Metro Beauty Academy starting in November, finally going for what I'm passionate about. Took me long enough! I know, I know I'm all over the place lol.
7. Do you live with your parents: No, they both live in North Carolina
8. What is your favorite number? 8 :)
9. What kind of food do you like?: Anything Italian
10. Favorite vacation spot: Ocean City, Maryland and Florida
11. Favorite restaurant: Olive Garden and Mama Ninas
12. Favorite color to wear: Black and neutrals
13. Hobbies: My wonderful blog :) promoting my blog, shopping, pampering, makeup!
14. What kind of car do you drive: My baby! Shes a black 2008 Acura TL that I adore
15. Current mood: Content, excited, feeling blessed
16. Turn ons Intelligence, kindness, humor, maturity
17. Turn offs Immaturity, ignorance, arrogance
18. A habit you wish you didn't have: Picking at my face! Worst habit
19. When is your birthday: January 9th
20. What's your zodiac sign and does it fit you: Capricorn, and almost to the T! I love being a Capricorn. #JanuaryBaby
21. Introvert or extrovert: A mixture of both. It really depends on the situation. I can be shy at first but when you get to know me, I can be so outgoing.
22. Do you have a boyfriend? Yes
23. What's your favorite cereal? The peanut butter cinnamon toast crunch!
24. Beach or mountain get away? Beach in the summer, mountains in the winter! I love the best of both worlds
25. Do you wear glasses/contacts? Both, I wear my contacts more often, but my glasses when I'm home relaxing
26. What color are your eyes? Green
27. What color is your hair? Ash brown with natural blonde highlights
28. What is your favorite season? Summer! I love the beaches, the warm weather, vacations, the tans, and the summer clothes :)
29. Do you prefer short or long hair? Long, I will never, ever cut my hair short again. It's taken me almost 4 years to the length it is now and I still consider it short. Ugh
30. Favorite make-up brand? I use a variety of different make-up brands so I can't choose just one! #makeupenthusiast
31. Favorite article of clothing: I  have so many clothes to choose from, but I love a fitted blazer!
32. Do you have any children?: No but I plan to have at least one eventually. The most I would want is two.
33. Acrylic nails or natural? Acrylic. I love the feeling of them and it's always so refreshing going to get them done
34. Do you prefer your hair curly or straight? I think curly hair looks better on me. It makes me look older.
35. Do you have any tattoos? Not yet. I like the way my bare skin looks without them at the moment. I feel it's more professional not having tattoo and I don't know that I personally could pull them off but I love tattoos! I have tons of ideas in mind for meaningful tattoos and I can't decide! Maybe that's why I haven't gotten one yet. But I love seeing other people's tattoos and how awesome they look and hearing the stories behind them.
36. Do you have any piercings? Yes! I love piercings. I have my both of my tragus' pierced, I have both of my cartilages pierced, there are three holes in both my lobes, and my belly button. I previously had my nose pierced that I took out for professional reasons, and my absolute all time favorite piercing that I had was my hips! I had them since 2009 and took those out in 2013 because they were starting to get infected and I miss them so much! Thought about getting them again.
37. What are your pet peeves? People that aren't on time, being cut off when speaking, obnoxiously loud chewing
38. Biggest insecurity: My nose and how big it is! That's really the only absolute issue I have with myself and that's usually the first thing people target when they're criticizing me. But they don't need to tell me something I already know. I've grown to realize it's a part of me and if that's the only flaw they can point out, then I'm fine with that!
39. What kind of phone do you have? iPhone 4s, but I plan on getting the iPhone 6 when it comes out
40. Do you have any social media? Yes, all for business purposes. I don't have any personal social media. Twitter: @blogobsessedxo Instagram: @blogobsessedxo MakeupSocial: @beautyobsessedxo and I'm working on getting a Facebook
41. Favorite fast food restaurant: Wendy's all the way!
42. Favorite pizza place: El Grecos, Pizza Como, or Lehigh Pizza
43. Favorite latte flavor: Caramel
44. Favorite scents from Bath & Body Works: Sweet Pea, Cucumber Melon, and Cashmere Glow
45. Favorite places to shop: Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, Forever 21, Express, New York & Co.
46. Do you have any siblings? Yes, two older sisters. I'm the baby of the family :)
47. Favorite place to get handbags: Michael Kors, Aldo, Coach, and if I could afford it, Louis Vuitton lol #brokebitchproblems (excuse my language)
48. Do you have best friends? Yes, I have a very tight circle. I don't let too many people in so there's only a handful of people I trust enough to call them best friends
49. Who are your fashion icons? Lauren Conrad, Coco Chanel, Kim Kardashian, and Blake Lively. I'm sure there are a ton more, but those are some of my favs.
50. Favorite TV shows: Gossip Girl, Family Guy, Scandal, Pretty Little Liars, Prison Break, Melissa and Joey, Drop Dead Diva

*Bonus: Were you named after anyone? Yes, I am named after the country singer, Shelby Lynne and also the engine of a car, Shelby Mustang*