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Saturday, May 31, 2014



For those of you that have seen my Pinterest account, you already know how overly obsessed I am with that website. Right now I have upwards around 11,000 pins! And to think, when I was first introduced to it, just like any other new up-and-coming social network, I completely gave it the “no thanks”. After actually trying it and learning how it works, I have become absolutely engulfed in this website! It has everything, LITERALLY! From tips and tricks, how-to sections, where to buy things, how to get things cheaper, DIY (do it yourself), and ideas. I am constantly getting yelled at for being on my iPhone all day, every day, but they should be yelling at Pinterest, not me! My top ten categories on Pinterest that I am always pinning to are as follows:

1. Closet of my dreams - Clothes 2641 pins

2.  Home is where the heart is - Home Decor 1331 pins

3.  Good hair day - Hair 983 pins

4.  Kiss and makeup - Makeup 796 pins

5.  Bite me! - Food 605 pins

6.  Keep calm and get your nails done - Nails 603 pins

7.  Bride to be - Wedding 528 pins

8.  Future mommy - Baby 467 pins

9.  A word to the wise - Quotes 461 pins

10. Fitspiration - Workout and Health361 pins

Most of these categories are pretty obvious as to why I pin to them so often. Clothes, Hair, Makeup, and Nails should be so blatant; I’m a girl, DUH! Home is really because everyone has a dream home. Mine just happens to be on Pinterest for right now until I can actually afford it. Haha! Food, because what human being doesn’t love food?! I’m a petite girl but I would choose food over humans any day! And it's a great resource for new recipes (something I'll also be sharing with all of you). Quotes are in the top ten because I have always lived by them. Reading quotes makes my day; they help me get through some tough times and also make me appreciate what I already have in life. The Baby category is in the top ten because when I do decide to have children (I’m one of the few that don’t have any yet) I want their life to be absolutely perfect from the very beginning. Wedding is another one that is in the top ten because I’m a girl and every girl wants their dream wedding; I’m no different in that aspect. Health, which should prrrrobably be higher on the list, is a very important one because a healthy lifestyle really does make a difference.

You will notice most of my posts will be inspired by Pinterest, so I encourage you to get one if you don't already have one, and if you do please feel free to follow my Pinterest account! There will definitely be more posts about some of my favorite Pins. I hope you enjoy!

To see my pins or follow me click on the link below:

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